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Welcome to Teach International, where we teach you how to teach English, search and apply for the abundant number of TESOL jobs abroad. Our trainers have taught overseas a minimum of two years, and now live and teach English locally. They have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. You’ll be amazed at how quickly our training and job search methods will land you the job of your dreams.

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Certificate IV in TESOL

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iTESOL Certificate
This is an introductory TESOL course which includes a 20-hour Grammar unit, a 20-hour Teaching English to Children unit, a 20-hour Teaching English to Adults unit, plus a 60-hour Introduction to TESOL component. This certificate is completed wholly online – there is no classroom component.
This is a more in-depth TESOL course which includes a 20-hour Grammar unit; three (3) 20-hour electives chosen from the six (6) electives we offer; a 10-hour auxiliary unit covering teaching and assessment strategies , plus one of the following options:

  • Online Learning – Complete an online 60-hour Introduction to TESOL component and independently organising your (6) hours of assessed Practice Teaching, OR
  • Blended Learning – Attend a three (3) week Study Overseas Programme (SOP) at selected cities, covering the Introductory TESOL component and the six (6) hours of assessed practice teaching component.
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Certificate IV in TESOL

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Who can do a TESOL Certificate?

Where can TESOL take me?

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Teach & Travel overseas

Gain true cultural experiences

Travel the world and get paid!

The course content is practical and insightful. I am learning so much. I can easily see how it will apply when I'm teaching overseas.

- Teach International -

Our convenient ONLINE courses will broaden your knowledge of the industry.

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A TESOL English teaching course is all you need to land a fantastic job overseas.

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Geoffrey Weston


The training gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to undertake an area of teaching that I had no prior experience in. The trainers provided lots of practical tips and were extremely encouraging. In particular the TESOL training manual provided material that I was able to refer to and use on a regular basis.

Emily Hardwick


Get out there and do it. The benefits are enormous and living in another country is very different to travelling through it. I’ve now made life long friends both with Koreans and other foreigners. Previous to this job I had been focussing on my ‘career’, but dreaming of when I would travel again. Now I don’t really feel like I am going to work at all and life changes every day.

Dana Twycross


I am not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. I am headed in a totally different direction now. I have discovered that teaching is my passion. It’s so rewarding to see people learn and know that you are making a difference in their life. It developed my confidence in myself immensely.

Kylie Watson


The course was fantastic in preparation for my trip. The electives help prepare for different types of teaching that you may want to specialise in. Not only is it a ‘train-the-trainer’ type of course with teaching you how to teach, but it also teaches you people skills and communication skills that I found I used while I was travelling after I finished my teaching contracts.

Lizzy Smith


The course was fantastic; I had so much fun, learnt a lot and meet some really amazing people. After completing the course I started to apply for jobs in China. I applied for seven jobs, and got seven replies back saying when could I start. I was dumbfounded. But I couldn’t wait to get over there.

Colleen Johnston


“Teach International gave me a very sound base to work from and the great thing is even while you are in the field so to speak you can email them at any time and they are only too pleased to help you out. Now that’s dedication!”

Joe Brown


The course at Teach International has not only given me many more tools and techniques’, it has taught me how to use these to the benefit of my students, and thus become a more effective teacher.
Take the first step……make it all happen!

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About Us

Teach International the company is made up of a passionate group of individuals whose lives have been changed by teaching English away from their home countries. We are so changed by the experience that we think it is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

We’re absolutely mad about the concept of travelling to a foreign country to teach English. This passion has led us to be the market leader in Australasia for providing TESOL training and resources for the industry. You’ll notice our obsession with quality and innovation.

Adam Morehouse
Founder and Director – Teach International

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